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I know what you're thinking: Disgusting! Trust me people, I felt weird about it, too, but after setting it up, I can tell you this much: Sometimes something that sounds so wrong can feel so right.

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Today I'll show you how to set up Coherence in Parallels and how to launch Windows apps directly from your Mac. Since the current build of Parallels Desktop Beta is open to the public, you can install the beta and try out Coherence for free always nice. But first thing's first - the screencast! Here's what Parallels with Coherence looks like. Yep, while it's in beta, this build is absolutely free, so as long as you've got an Intel Mac, you can do this for free.

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Run through the installation. If this is the first time you've installed Parallels, you need to install a new Windows virtual machine. Rather than recounting the entire process, head over to my side-by-side Windows and Mac feature and start at "Install XP as a virtual machine". It's a simple process, so get installing if you need to.


Then get ready for the fun part. It's time to:. Now that you've got Parallels with Coherence mode installed and a working installation of Windows, it's time to tweak your installation for Coherence mode. None of these tweaks are necessary to run Coherence, but they'll help keep the line between Windows and your Mac pretty thin.

INSTALL WINDOWS 10 ON YOUR MAC (2018) (with Parallels Desktop 13)

The Windows desktop should disappear, but you should still be able to launch apps from the start menu or using an app launcher like Launchy. Very cool. Parallels does not yet support launching Windows apps from OS X.

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  • However, if you want to get this functionality, the VerySimple Dev blog has hacked together a Windows app called DockSync intended to work in conjunction with a Parallels shared folder. It's a fairly primitive app at this point that monitors Parallels shared folders for files ending with.

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    Short story shorter, you can script a command via Applescript or Terminal that will output a. The advantage here is that with DockSync, you can do all of your launching from your Mac, meaning you're that much closer to erasing the line between the two operating systems if that's the kind of thing you're going for.

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    On February 12, , Sun Microsystems purchased Innotek to "strengthen Sun's leadership in the virtualization market" and this acquistion has greatly increased awareness of VirtualBox. Sun describes the program as "the world's most popular open source virtualization platform because of its fast performance, ease of use, rich functionality, and modular design. Please note that although VirtualBox is free, the license needed to run a version of Windows is not. Photo Credit: Sun Microsystems.

    In general, VirtualBox is not quite as full featured as the commercial alternatives, but it still has numerous features including "seamless windows", shared folders, a shared clipboard, and more. It may meet your needs quite well. Download VirtualBox for yourself and see.