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Dangerous sparks may cause burns. Keep the toner container and the waste toner box out of the reach of children. If toner happens to spill from the toner container or the waste toner box, avoid inhalation and ingestion, as well as contact with your eyes and skin. For this reason, laser radiation emitted inside this machine is hermetically sealed within the protective housing and external cover. In the normal operation of the product by user, no radiation can leak from the machine. This machine is classified as Class 1 laser product under IEC Other switches on the equipment are only functional switches and are not suitable for isolating the equipment from the power source.

It may not be limited to these items. Page 20 xviii This chapter provides information on the following topics. Page Legal Information Legal Information Copying or other reproduction of all or part of this guide without the prior written consent of Copyright owner is prohibited. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

The implementation was written so as to conform with Netscapes SSL. This library is free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as the following conditions are aheared to. Page 26 Monotype Imaging License Agreement Software shall mean the digitally encoded, machine readable, scalable outline data as encoded in a special format as well as the UFST Software. You agree to accept a non-exclusive license to use the Software to reproduce and display weights, styles and versions of letters, numerals, characters and symbols Typefaces solely for your own customary business or personal purposes at the address stated on the registration card you return to Monotype Imaging.

Page Energy Saving Control Function Energy Saving Control Function The device comes equipped with a Low Power Mode where energy consumption is reduced after a certain amount of time elapses since the device was last used, as well as a Sleep where printer and fax functions remain in a waiting state but power consumption is still reduced to a minimum when there is no activity with the device within a set amount of time. Chapter 1 - Part Names Identifies machine parts and operation panel keys.

Chapter 2 - Preparation before Use Explains adding paper, placing originals, connecting the machine, and necessary configurations before first use. Chapter 3 - Basic Operation Describes the procedures for basic copying, printing and scanning. Press [OK]. Italic Indicates a message displayed Ready to copy is displayed. Page Originals And Paper Sizes Originals and Paper Sizes This section explains the notation used in this guide when referring to sizes of originals or paper sizes.

Displays the System Menu. Displays number of sheets printed and number of pages scanned. Displays help guidance. Blinks during printing operation. Blinks while data is transmitted. Selects auto color mode. Selects full color mode. Selects black and white mode. Page 33 Part Names Blinks while data is received. Blinks while the machine is accessing the hard disk, fax memory or USB memory general-purpose item. Lights or blinks when an error occurs and a job is stopped. Displays the Interrupt Copy screen.

Ends operation logs out on the Administration screen. Lights or blinks when an error occurs and a job is stopped Receive Indicator Page Preparation Before Use 2 Preparation before Use This chapter explains the preparations before using this equipment for the first time as well as the procedures for loading paper and originals.

Refer to them as necessary. Connection Example Determine the method to connect the equipment to a PC or network by referring to the illustration below. Prepare the necessary cables according to the interface you use. When the machine is powered up, first press the Power key on the operation panel.

Check that the Power indicator and the memory indicator are off. After this, turn off the main power switch. Press the Power key. When the main power indicator is off Open the main power switch cover and turn the main power switch on. NOTE: If the optional Data Security Kit is installed, a message might display indicating the security function is being activated and time may be taken to start up when the power is turned on.

Make sure that the Power key and the memory indicator are off before turning off the main power switch. Touch panel and all indicators on the operation panel will go out to save power except the Energy Saver, Power, and main power indicators. This status is referred to as Low Power Mode. Touch panel and all indicators on the operation panel will go out to save a maximum amount of power except the Main Power indicator. This status is referred to as Sleep. If print data is received during Sleep, the print job is performed while the touch panel remains unlit.

Switching the Language for Display [Language] Select the language displayed on the touch panel. Use the procedure below to select the language. When you send an E-mail using the transmission function, the date and time as set here will be printed in the header of the E-mail message. For detailed information on restarting the system, refer to Restarting the System on page The default setting is On.

Use the procedure below. Page Embedded Web Server settings For E-mail Preparation before Use Embedded Web Server Settings for E-mail Embedded Web Server is a tool used for tasks such as verifying the operating status of the machine and changing the settings for security, network printing, E-mail transmission and advanced networking. To use this function, this machine must be connected to a mail server using the SMTP protocol. Page 55 Preparation before Use Enter the correct settings in each field. The settings to be specified in the SMTP settings screen are shown below.

To use E-mail, this protocol must be enabled. Page Loading Paper Preparation before Use Loading Paper Paper can be loaded standardly in the two cassettes and the multi purpose tray. A paper feeder is also available as an option refer to Optional Equipment on Appendix Before Loading Paper When you open a new package of paper, fan the sheets to separate them slightly prior to loading in the following steps.

Page 58 Preparation before Use Holding the paper width adjusting tab, move the paper width guides to fit the paper. NOTE: Paper sizes are indicated on the cassettes. To change between inch size and metric size A, B sizes , follow the steps below to adjust the size switch. Paper that is curled or folded may cause paper jams. Page 61 Preparation before Use Adjust the paper width guides to the width of the paper. Insert the paper along the paper width guides into the tray until it stops.

Curled paper must be uncurled before use. Acceptable envelope sizes are as follows. Page 63 Preparation before Use When you load envelopes or cardstock in the multi purpose tray Load envelope with the print side facing up. Landscape form envelopes Close the flap. Portrait form envelopes Close the flap. Page Specifying Paper Size And Media Preparation before Use Specifying Paper Size and Media The default paper size setting for cassettes 1 and 2, for multi purpose tray and for the optional paper feeder cassettes 3 and 4 is [Auto], and the default media type setting is [Plain].

To fix the type of paper to be used in cassettes, specify the paper size and media type setting. Cassette Setting, select one of [Cassette 1] to [Cassette 4] and press [Next]. Then press [Change] of Paper Size. When using other than a plain paper, specify the media type. Item Description Paper Page Loading Originals Preparation before Use Loading Originals Follow the steps below to load originals for copying, sending or storing.

Placing Originals on the Platen You may place books or magazines on the platen in addition to ordinary sheet originals. Open the original cover. NOTE: If the optional document processor is installed, open the document processor. Excessive pressure may crack the platen glass. NOTE: Shadows may be produced around the edges and in the middle of open-faced originals. Both sides of two-sided originals are scanned. Originals left on the original eject table may cause the new originals to jam.

Adjust the original width guides to fit the originals. Place the originals. Page 72 Preparation before Use Search key NOTE: You will be unable to login if you forget your login user name or login password. In this event, login with administrator privileges and change your login user name or login password.

Search key This section explains how to use the Enter key and Quick No. Search key on the operation panel. Using the Enter key The Enter key works in the same way as keys displayed on the touch panel, such as [OK] and [Close]. Press Start key to start printing. Copies Press [Cancel] to change settings.

The procedure for previewing scanned originals is explained below. The procedure described here is for copying a single-page original. Page Selecting Color Mode Basic Operation Selecting Color Mode When you scan and then copy, send or store documents, you can select the color mode used for scanning from the operation panel. Scans all documents in full color. Auto Optimum density is selected according to the density of the original. The procedure for adjusting the density of copies is explained below. The table below shows the quality options.

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Text For originals primarily consisting of text. Photo For photos taken with a camera.

The following zoom options are available. The procedure for using zoom copying is explained below. Press the Copy key. Place the originals on the platen. The following duplex options are available. You can also create single-sided copies from two-sided originals or originals with facing pages such as books.

The following modes are available. One-sided to Two-sided Produces two-sided copies from one-sided originals. In case of an odd number of originals, the back side of the last copy will be blank. Page 85 Basic Operation Book to One-sided Produces a 1-sided copy of a 2-sided or open book original. The following binding options are available. Page 87 Basic Operation With Document Finisher When you use offsetting, printed copies are segregated after each set of copies or after each page. NOTE: The optional document finisher or 3, sheet document finisher is required.

Using this function, the original will be scanned while the machine is printing. When the current print job ends, the reserved copy job is printed. The procedure differs depending on the Reserve Next Priority refer to page Page Interrupt Copy Basic Operation Interrupt Copy This function allows you to pause the current jobs in progress when you need to make copies immediately. When interruption copy ends, the machine resumes the paused print jobs. NOTE: If the machine is left unused for 60 seconds in interrupt copy mode, interrupt copying is automatically cancelled and printing resumes.

Page 90 Basic Operation Staple Use this feature to staple your finished copies. NOTE: Stapling requires the optional document finisher or 3, sheet document finisher.

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Note also that saddle stitching center stapling requires the folding unit. The following stapling options and orientations are available. Page 91 Basic Operation Use the procedure below to produce stapled copies. Press [Org. Select the staple position. Ready to copy. Page 92 Basic Operation Punch Punch holes in sets of finished copies in preparation for binding. NOTE: Requires the optional 3, sheet document finisher and punching unit.

The orientations of the original and corresponding punch positions are as follows. Page 93 Basic Operation Select the type of hole punching. Then press [OK]. Create a document using an application. Click File and select Print in the application. To print on the special paper such as thick paper or transparency, click the Media Type menu and select the media type. Click Source and select the paper source.

In order to do this, it is necessary to register the sender and destination recipient address on the network. It is recommended that the machine be used in an environment in which it can connect to the mail server at any time over a LAN. Page 98 Basic Operation Check the destination list. Ready to send. Destination Place original. E-mail TUVW Page 99 Basic Operation Enter host name, path, login user name and login Ready to send. Destination password.

Press the key of each item to first Place original. NOTE: You can set the machine up so that the address book screen appears when you press the Send key. For details, refer to Setting the Default Send Screen on page Advanced search by type or by initial letter is also available. Type Name Detail abcd efg.

Document Box is an area in the hard disk in which you can save documents for later retrieval or sharing among multiple users. Document Box contains four types of component boxes which provide the following functions. Custom Box Page Basic Operation When additional copies are required, you can reprint the required number of copies from the operation panel. By default, up to 32 documents can be stored. When power is turned off, all stored jobs will be deleted. NOTE: When you attempt to store documents in excess of the above maximum, the oldest document data will be overwritten by the latest document data.

NOTE: In the following explanation, it is assumed that user login administration is enabled. For details on User Logon privileges, refer to User Privileges on page The custom boxes can be listed by box number or by box name. You can manipulate the list in a range of ways, as shown below. Documents can be listed either by name or as thumbnails. The list can be used as shown below.

List Listing the documents by name Listing the documents by time of update in Listing the documents by size in in alphabetical order. Name Owner Used Area Select highlight a document to preview and then press [Preview] or [Detail]. Preview the document or check the document details. Page User Privileges Basic Operation User Privileges When user login administration is enabled, accessibility to the Document Box components will vary depending on the given user privilege. Accessibilities vary depending on user privilege as follows: Access level Administrator User Accessibility Creating a box Changing box owner Operation Deleting a box Page Basic Operation Password Entry Requirement When user login administration is enabled, requirement of a password differs depending on the level of privileges as follows: Administrator: The administrator is not required to enter a password to gain access to any box.

User: The user is required to enter a password to gain access to a box which is protected by a password. Canceling Jobs Stop You can also cancel jobs by pressing the key. Printing jobs Press the Stop key. Cancelling job screen appears.

Utax CDC 1730 Instruction Handbook Manual

The current print job is temporarily interrupted. Select the job you wish to cancel and press [Cancel]. Page Quick Setup Screen Basic Operation Quick Setup Screen In the initial screen for copying and sending the screen which appears immediately after the Copy or Send key is first pressed after power-on , important and generally often used functions are registered from among the versatile functions of this machine.

Register Original Image function on the Quick Setup screen. A confirmation screen appears.

Press [Yes]. The Original Image Quality function will be newly registered. Page Program copying And Sending Basic Operation Program Copying and Sending By registering sets of frequently used functions as a single program, you can simply press the program number as needed to recall those functions. You can also name the programs for easy identification when recalling.

NOTE: Sending operation can be registered in the program as well. Use the procedure below to edit or delete a program. Press the Program key. Press [Edit] and press the key s corresponding to the program number 01 to 50 to change or delete. To edit a program, use the procedure for registering a program and press [Change]. A function name linked to a registered shortcut can be changed as necessary. You can register up to 6 shortcuts for copying functions, sending functions, and functions set for document box.

Launching and Exiting the Browser Use the procedure below to launch and exit the Internet browser. Page Title bar Close Displays the page title. Closes the Internet browser and returns you to the application list screen. Page Copying Functions 4 Copying Functions This chapter explains the functions available for copying.

Be sure to specify the original size when copying non-standard sizes. The following options are available.

Full Specifications

Copies [Others] or [Size Entry] to select the original size. The available paper sizes and media types are shown in the table below. Page Copying Functions Use the procedure below to select the paper size and media type. Page Mixed Size Originals Copying Functions Mixed Size Originals Using the optional document processor, the originals of different sizes can be loaded in a batch and copied.

In this operation, up to 30 originals of different sizes can be placed in the document processor at the same time. Supported Combinations of Originals Originals of the Same Width The supported combinations of originals are as follows. The supported combinations of originals are as follows. Page Selecting How To Copy Originals Copying Functions Selecting How to Copy Originals Select whether you wish to create individual copies on different size paper matching the original sizes or to produce all copies on the same size paper. NOTE: This function is available regardless of whether originals have the same width or not.

The table below shows the finished document sizes for the different original size options. Page Copying Functions Use the procedure below to select the orientation when placing the originals on the platen. Page Output Destination Copying Functions Output Destination You can use the procedure below to select an output destination such as the optional document finisher for your copies. NOTE: Optional output destinations include the job separator, document finisher, 3, sheet document finisher, and mailbox.

The table below shows the available output destinations. The page boundary of each original can be indicated.

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Types of Page Boundary Lines The following types of the boundary lines are available. When you copy onto paper different from the original size, you can center the original image on the paper. The following margin widths are available. If you pressed Copies Ready to copy. The following options can be selected. Border Erase Sheet Erases black borders around the single sheet original. The table below shows the available settings. Page Booklet From Sheets Copying Functions Booklet from Sheets The Booklet copying option allows you to copy sheet originals and produce booklets such as small brochures or pamphlets.

A booklet, such as a magazine, is made by folding at the center. You can copy the cover page onto colored paper or thick paper. Paper for the cover is supplied from the multi purpose tray. Original Copy The procedure for using Booklet copying is explained below. If the originals are placed on the platen, consecutively replace each original after pressing the Start key. After scanning all originals, press [Finish Scan] to start copying.

The following two options are available. Once you scan and register the form, the form is overlaid onto the original. You can also use a form that is already Density registered in the machine's memory. The formats for numbering are [], [P. Press [Denominator ] and select [Manual]. You can also enter the number with the numeric keys after pressing [ Keys]. None Solid Dotted Borders Cropmark Use the procedure below to insert page boundary lines on your copies. Page Poster Copying Functions Poster For using this device to make copies larger than the maximum paper size, use Poster mode to separate and copy an enlarged image onto multiple pages.

The completed copies have overlapping areas. A single large page can be created by pasting those areas together. You can also specify the area of the original to repeat. Image Repeat Copies the original image multiple times onto 1 sheet at a specified magnification. You can also specify how much of the original is repeatedly copied.

With metric models, you can enter the border width directly using the numeric keys after pressing [ - Keys]. Y1: Length from top left of platen to top edge of repeat area X1: Length from Height from top left of platen to left edge of repeat area Use this function for test copies or any other occasion where high quality print is unnecessary.

The procedure for making copies using EcoPrint is explained below. NOTE: This feature is used with full color copying. If you're in the market for a second display or something larger than what you have, a 4K monitor is a huge step in the right direction, so you can try and maintain the same level of definition. These are the best 4K monitors for your Mac.

Greatest 4k screens for mac. December RSS Feed. Author Write something about yourself. To download the proper driver by the version or Device ID. If not found in our garage driver you need, please contact us, we will help you in time, and updates to our website. The utility tells you which specific drivers are outofdate for all of your devices.

Step 1 Download Your Driver. To get the latest driver, including Windows 10 drivers, you can choose from a list of most popular UTAX downloads. Click the download button next to the matching model name.