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Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Damon says:. October 30, at am. Jay says:. October 29, at pm. December 21, at am. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Shop on Amazon. Subscribe to OSXDaily. Follow OSXDaily. Instead, a FileVault 2 login screen with a password prompt appears. Before booting a machine into Single-User mode, an examiner should understand two additional key points:. Therefore, use caution and have a full understanding of each command before proceeding.

Booting Into Single-User Mode. During the Single-User mode boot process, the boot sequence appears as white text on a black screen as it executes.

How to run Apple Hardware Test on a Mac from Early 2013 and older

The boot sequence completes and a root shell prompt appears. This causes a mounted file system to change from read-only status to read-write not write protected! This causes the machine to boot to the operating system again, not good! You can learn more about acquiring data from a Mac computer here on our blog or by visiting BlackBag TV. It does a few things:.

Repair Your Hard Disk in Single User Mode | Everything Macintosh

Simply booting in Safe Mode may solve your problem, if it was related to directory corruption or a messed-up cache file. However, if your Mac boots fine in Safe Mode, but has problems otherwise, you probably have a software problem related to something that loads at startup. You might guess that a third-party kernel extension was the culprit, but it could also be a corrupt font. Start poking around in the various Library folders on your Mac. If all you want to do is disable login items, press Shift when you click the Log In button in the login window, or as soon as you see the progress bar in the startup screen.

Release it when you see the Desktop or Dock. Command-R: Recovery — Every modern Mac can boot into a special mode called Recovery , which provides tools to resolve a variety of problems. The system disk of most Macs contains a small partition containing a stripped-down version of OS X, which you can boot from by holding Command-R as your Mac boots.

If the recovery partition is missing for some reason, you can load the Recovery software from the Internet by holding Command-Option-R at startup. Needless to say, loading Internet Recovery takes quite a bit longer; happily, it does provide a time estimate.

How to Boot Single User Mode on Mac OS

D: Apple Diagnostics — If nothing mentioned so far is solving your problem, your Mac might be suffering from a hardware issue. Apple Diagnostics is a lot slicker looking and more or less automatic, while you have to click a button to start Apple Hardware Test. Apple recommends disconnecting all external devices except the keyboard, mouse, display, and Ethernet adapter before starting either test.

Instead of a tasteful gray screen, you see every single Unix system message as your Mac boots. To leave single-user mode and continue booting, type exit and press Return. Or, to start over, type reboot and press Return.

How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

Holding Option-N will boot from the default boot image on a NetBoot server. Large networked environments sometimes use NetBoot to ensure that every Mac is using a consistent, approved version of the operating system. Chances are, you will never have to worry about booting from NetBoot. Kevin Patfield said there was even a companion option — holding 9 — that forced a boot into Classic. If you know a contemporary use for this key, let us know in the comments!

Adam, uh, I don't know about Josh, but you've been around long enough to know the Classic stuff. Of course knowing and remembering are not necessarily the same thing. There's been a lot of Apple flavored water under the bridge since then. In any case, thanks for the list. I learned a few things I didn't know—or had forgotten.

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Not an insignificant distinction. I'll be saving the list. I've probably got a similar list somewhere, but this is an instance where duplication is a good thing. Way too much trivia bouncing around in my head already, apparently, to remember a key combination I didn't use 15 years ago.

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X is also useful if you have Windows installed, holding the X key will boot MacOS, even if the default is set to your Windows partition. Maybe Unix and Linux partitions too, but I haven't tested it. If you hold down the Control key while selecting a drive in the Startup Manager it will be 'blessed' as the default startup drive.

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Holding the left mouse key while starting up will eject floppies and optical disks that may be in their respective drives for those of us who prefer these types of media over iClod.