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One explanation is it could have to do with using lower level hardware access to "paint" the video content into the window, that sort of thing would happen with QuickTime files on external displays. Another explanation is Apple is intentionally not displaying the video as part of some attempt to prevent the content from being copied.

streaming a dvd to apple tv with vlc player

I'm leaning towards the latter. AirPlay is definitely cool and works great in home situations or other small network installations.

How to Use AirPlay on Mac to Stream Videos to Apple TV

Networking vendors have been working to implement all sorts of kludges and workarounds which are finally starting to bear fruit in the marketplace, but how well they actually work in real life remains to be seen. For the Airplay compatible iMacs, be careful. I have long used Airplay and before that Airfoil for music from Macs to my stereo. I was in an Apple store recently and two geeks were in front of me.

The first geek said no way! Then the slightly older geek next to him said, sure! He was right and my iMac runs latest Snow Leopard! The couch is niceā€¦. Do you think they will include an airplay feature to mirror an ios device ipad to an osx device macbook pro istead of the apple tv?

3 Methods to Play DVD on Apple TV

Download Videos 5KPlayer is also loaded with a facility to download videos. Create Your Playlist Apart from downloading and streaming content, you would be more excited to create your own playlist to enjoy the rich collection of music and video. Reviews Apps How-to. Jignesh Padhiyar. Last Updated: September 10, pm. Sponsored Links.

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During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media. Any sound you play will come out of your Mac and not the connected TV.

All about streaming video & audio, especially via AirPlay from and to your iOS Devices, Mac and TV.

To change this, go to Enable Audio. The first time you do this, you will be prompted to install the driver and restart your Mac. Clicking Enable Audio will then stream both sound and video. In the AirParrot menu, go to the Preferences option to open the preferences window. If you get choppy streaming, experiment with lowering the video quality and framerates.

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Bear in mind that dropping the framerate too far makes viewing video more difficult. In the Preferences menu is an option to force the streamed output to p resolution if streaming to a third-generation Apple TV at p is slow.

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  • You can also stretch apps during streaming to fill the Apple TV screen, if the aspect ratio of the screens mismatch.