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Once a section was done and the photograph was scanned, this pencil pattern needed to be meticulously reproduced — stroke by stroke — digitally. Although we could occasionally use a digital pattern on large homogeneous surfaces, the lack of any satisfying digital equipment in the field made most of the studio work repetitive and rather tedious. However, as we brainstormed about speeding up the process, the idea of using Astropad as a vehicle to let us work on final studio grade! At the end the possible advantages slowly started to outweigh our concerns.

Obviously, I would never recommend pulling out one's pricy equipment when lying in the sand documenting a multi-ton block under direct sunlight! Luckily, at Luxor temple we could provide the right amount of artificial shade to be able to see our computer screens and the scaffolding had plenty of space to securely accommodate both computer and iPad — so the experiment with Astropad could begin!

To tell the truth, the original Astropad — although it had a lot of features that helped our documentation work — always felt a bit like an experiment. One could set up a few shortcuts but not command sequences. It is every bit as innovative and smart as its predecessor, adding must-have features for true professional graphics artists — and making me wonder whether I'll ever need to buy a new Wacom tablet again!

Graphics tablet for pros

Ideally, one also needs a Bluetooth pressure-sensitive stylus — preferably an Apple Pencil - to get the full sketching experience in apps like Photoshop. Astropad Studio builds upon the promise of the original Astropad by designing the app around the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and by not only maintaining a minimal-lag second-screen experience for the iPad but adding full pressure compatibility with Apple Pencil and customizable settings across the board. First of all, it is astonishing how much one can customize Astropad Studio in comparison with the original version.

Let me give you a short list of our extra options specific to Astropad Studio:. A really useful setting to pay attention here is the ability to show the cursor while drawing. Everyone's top candidates are usually erase, undo, redo, right click etc. The option to add separators in between certain shortcut groups helps avoiding accidental hits when drawing. It is amazing to be able to trigger both simple commands such as Zoom In and Zoom Out and more complicated command sequences, such as Stroke Path by the touch of a virtual button.

Magic gestures are the best way to integrate complex commands into the Mac.

There are three Magic Gestures shortcuts and two tap shortcuts to set up, all customizable. By default, the gestures consist of the Pencil held in hand, along with one, two, or three fingers down on the screen. I really like the ability to instantly switch between drawing and erasing a revelation in comparison with constantly selecting the proper tool from the toolbar in Procreate just by holding my finger on the screen while drawing.

I reserve two-finger touch for right click and set Shift as the three-finger touch and hold option. I quickly realized that applying magic gestures becomes exponentially harder the more fingers need to be used simultaneously, therefore I rarely use the three-finger option for drawing straight lines, but rather access the modifier keys via the Astropad Tool Panel. I especially like that I can set up two-finger and three-finger taps for any shortcuts.

I reserve this option for Step Back multistep Undo and Step Forward multistep Redo to be consistent with my Procreate setup, the other program I rely on heavily on my iPad. One of the Pencil's main criticism over the years has been its lack of programmable buttons, like you find on Wacom's styluses; however, with Magic Gestures, Astropad seems to be able to provide a better way to do such shortcuts.

Gestures let us take control of the canvas without having to worry about accidentally holding down a button while drawing or getting wrist pain from holding the bulkier Wacom-style pens while pushing side-switches at the same time.

Astropad Studio | Turn your iPad into a professional graphics tablet

Some compromises are worth it for a little speed gain and some aren't… Obviously, all of the above features are welcome, but the top consideration with a setup like this is performance. On a On my home Wi-Fi network, running at 5GHz, that time is milliseconds. Here's what's new: - Massively Reduced Pixelation: We reengineered the data flow from your Mac to iPad in order to push data more efficiently between devices. Now, pixelation is significantly reduced when you're connected over strong WiFi networks or USB cable.

Magic Gestures

You'll notice that your iPad stays crystal clear while you're scrolling through text documents and web pages. Lag-free wireless connectivity, customizable Apple Pencil shortcuts, compatibility with all of our design and illustration apps—sometimes we wonder how we got along without it. Now we spend less time leaping technical hurdles and more time creating cool stuff.

I have hundreds of apps. Some for film making, some for games, some for productivity. This one is the one that truly transforms my iPad into another tool.

Can You Use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet?

There is no comparison to other apps that share or mirror screens and allow for pen input. This one is in its own league. Its great that they are inventing new hardware to allow for second screen use. If you use this regularly then Studio Annual is helpful but not needed to get most benefits. My only improvement request would be a way to enable apple pencils which are the best stylus IMHO to have an optional hover feature so you can have the curser move without making contact.

But without hacking them, thats on apple to figure out.

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Bravo to this app! This software was one of the major reasons I was willing to purchase my iPad Pro. The more functionality I can get out of a single product, the better and being able to use my iPad as a graphics tablet was HUGE. I really wish there was an option to just buy the app up front. Great to hear Astropad Studio has helped your workflow. We'd like to help troubleshoot this wifi connection issue with you.