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And unlike the Cloud Alpha, its cable isn't detachable, nor is its microphone; that's not a huge deal, but it does make the GSP harder to repair if something goes wrong. Most of our testers found the HS50 comfortable for short periods but complained about warm ears after around an hour.

If you have a smaller or average-sized head and want superior long-term comfort, a more engrossing audio experience, and an excellent mic, get the Sennheiser Game One. Unlike most gaming headsets, the Game One has an open-back design, meaning the earcups have vents. It also makes the headset lighter and cooler to wear for extended periods of time, though our testers with large heads found the headset uncomfortable.

Lightweight, comfortable, and with similar sound quality to our main pick, this headset has more detail and bass than any other wireless headset we tested. For this guide, he laid hands and ears on dozens of headsets. If you play a lot of multiplayer games and are looking for the simplest way to communicate with teammates, you should consider a gaming headset.

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With a built-in microphone that often includes background noise cancelling, a headset is useful for games like Overwatch , Fortnite , or Destiny 2. If you already have a pair of headphones you love, you can add a microphone to them using a Modmic. The Modmic sticks onto any headphones with a sticker attached to a magnet so you can remove the mic when not in use. In our tests, the Modmic sounds better than any gaming headset's built-in microphone.

But we found the Modmic setup useful only if you leave headphones connected to a computer all day. The dual cables are too cumbersome to untangle if you travel a lot. Modmic also makes a wireless mic that attaches with a magnet. It sounds more clear than the mic on any wireless headset we tested, and the sound quality is almost as good as the wired version. If mic sound quality is important to you, you'll get better clarity and vocal fidelity from a USB microphone paired with good headphones.

In our research and testing, we looked at these criteria:. Most people will prefer the price and ease of use of wired headsets. Wireless models seem more convenient, but keeping them charged can be a pain, and if you have a lot of other wireless devices around, you might notice the audio cut out due to interference. Wired headsets tend to sound more clear than wireless ones, and wireless technology can introduce latency, which can be a problem in fast-paced games.

To compile a list of headsets to test, we combed through stores like Best Buy, Newegg, and Amazon as well as manufacturer sites like Sennheiser, HyperX, Razer, Corsair, and others. For this update, we tested 40 new headsets. Head down to the Competition section below for the full list. For all the headsets that passed the comfort and build quality test, I then tested audio quality, playing several different games on our current best gaming laptop pick , the Asus Scar II. Sound quality and microphone quality can be partially dependent on your PC motherboard or sound card, but I did not use any external DAC or amplifiers unless it came in the box with the headset because most people don't have external audio gear for their gaming laptops.

During this process, I paid special attention to comfort and also wore the headsets throughout the workday. I tested the microphones by recording my voice in Audacity while I tapped along on a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches to test how much background noise the mic picked up. I then played back those recordings to someone and had them evaluate the audio quality. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is the most universally comfortable headset we tested. The Alpha sounds great in games, with clear distinction between sound effects across bass, mids, and highs.

The removable 3. Our testers consistently rated the Cloud Alpha as one of the most comfortable headsets we tested. A couple testers found the leatherette ran hot along their ears, but not so much it negatively affected comfort. The Cloud Alpha was also more comfortable than the tighter, more rigid Sennheiser GSP when worn with thick acetate-framed glasses for a few hours.

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The earcups on the Alpha are larger than the GSP , and the Alpha accommodates a wider range of ear sizes and shapes. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is the most dynamic, consistent sounding headset we tested. The bass, often over-emphasized in gaming headsets, never overwhelmed the other ranges. Mids on the Cloud Alpha are good, and the headset creates a clear distinction between effects like footsteps, voices, and other movement effects. The Cloud Alpha struggles slightly with highs, and some dialogue in Hellblade sounded too sharp.

The microphone on the HyperX Cloud Alpha is passable. Regardless of whether you have a deep, booming voice or a higher pitched yelp, people on the receiving end will understand you. Like the majority of headsets we tested, the mic does compress voices, though, which we detail in the flaws section below.

The Cloud Alpha mic did a better job muffling a loud mechanical keyboard than the GSP , but both still picked up some of the noise. The HyperX Cloud Alpha proved durable in our testing, easily withstanding getting tossed in a bag for transport without damage. The flexible aluminum frame feels better built than most headsets, especially compared with the plastic shell on the GSP The red-and-black color scheme looks dated, but the quality materials make up for the edgy Gamestop colors. Like most gaming headsets, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a closed-back, over-ear headset.

For some, that isolation helps with immersion, but if you want more awareness of your surroundings, check out the Sennheiser Game One below. The HyperX Cloud Alpha has a removable 3. In general, our testers liked the controls on the cable, but also found it took some fumbling around to mute the mic properly. The GSP solves this by muting the mic when you flip it up, something some testers prefered, but others disliked because it comes at the cost of keeping the mic affixed to the headset all the time.

If you have a deep, booming voice, everyone on the other end will think you have a cold. Our testers had mixed feelings about the removable mic. Some liked that they could completely take it off when not in use, while others worried that they'd misplace it. The GSP can be less comfortable on larger heads, the split headband tends to catch longer hair, and it lacks extra features found in the Cloud Alpha, like the removable cable and carrying bag.

But the GSP sounds as good as the Cloud Alpha and has a significantly clearer-sounding microphone you can rotate out of the way when not in use.

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The headband has a split in the middle to help with weight distribution, but our testers had mixed results with how it affected comfort. We found the bass in the GSP was more precise than the Cloud Alpha, and the midrange was as good. The high-end on the GSP is cleaner than the Cloud Alpha, and it does a better job of separating out trebly sound effects, especially with the whispery, high-pitched dialogue in Hellblade. Voice recordings were clear and natural sounding. Instead, it flips up when not in use, which also mutes the mic.

It feels cheap in comparison, but the GSP still survived a few trips in a backpack and getting tossed around on a coffee table.

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Like the Alpha, the GSP is a closed-back, over-ear design. Unlike the Alpha, the controls are on the headset itself, not the cable. The cable attached to the headset terminates in seperate mic and headphones plugs, and Sennheiser includes an adapter in the box to use with single 3. Those with smaller heads will notice the earcup touching their jaw line, while those with large heads will find the clamping force to be too tight. The earpads are thick, with plenty of space for a variety of ear sizes.

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  4. But the HS50 does a good job with balance, and sound cues are easy to pick out when playing games. We noticed this most in Hellblade , where the already ethereal vocals managed to sound even more distant. The mic sound quality on the HS50 is acceptable. It has good background noise cancellation, cancelling out fans but not the mechanical keyboard, and it unfortunately adds the same nasal effect as the Cloud Alpha.

    Like the Cloud Alpha, the mic is removable and flexible so you can bend it into place. The headband has a comfortable but thin leatherette lining, and the headset is mostly metal. The HS50 is a simple design with no angular colored outlines or edgy graphics, which we liked.

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    The volume and mute controls are on the left earcup, and we had trouble getting used to them. The volume scroll knob is too stiff, so when you adjust the volume you tend to move the entire headset. Our testers prefered the big obvious knob on the GSP or the on-cable controls on the Cloud Alpha. The HS50 has a non-removable 3. The cable is rubber and tends to tangle. The open-back style makes the headset more breathable and more comfortable if you tend to run hot or live in a warm place, but comes at the cost of some sound bleeding into the microphone.

    The Game One is light and have a good range of adjustments to make it comfortable across head sizes. We found this gave us a better idea of where sounds were coming from than virtual surround sound in multiplayer games like Overwatch. In Hellblade , a game that uses sound in wild and interesting ways, the Game One sounded incredible. The variety of voices in that game sounded like they were circling around the headphones, like sharks on the hunt.

    Mids and highs are excellent, with clarity in the vocal ranges and clear distinction with subtle sounds like footsteps. The bass is full, but without the tight seal around the ears, the Game One lacks the low-end rumble found on the GSP or Cloud Alpha. The mic in the Game One is as clear as the GSP , but since the headset is open-back, more sound leaks out from the earcups and into the mic.

    You mute the mic by flicking the mic up, the same way as the GSP But like everything else in the technology world, some headsets are better than others. And although they might seem similar in terms of specs, some USB headsets are designed specifically for different activities. Read on to learn more about USB headsets and check out some of the best options to buy today. The feature virtualizes a surround sound experience in the two earcups to make it seem like the sound is all around you.

    The headset itself comes with bulky earcups that are designed to fully envelop your ear. The Razer Kraken 7. According to Razer, the microphone offers noise cancelation and has been specifically tuned to facilitate higher-quality audio out of the mic. If you want to use it for a podcast, then, it might be suitable. In fact, Razer says the headset supports up to The headset also has a plastic finish, which might make it feel a bit cheap but also helps to keep the price down. That said, Mpow recommends you remove the headset every hour to two hours to let your ears relax.

    The headset comes with a 40mm driver, which should translate to solid sound quality in most uses.

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    The G has a decidedly different design than most other headsets. Chief among those features is support for virtual 7. The drivers inside the earcups are 53mm, which means you should be able to enjoy higher-quality sound than in most alternatives. The microphone attached to the headset is a bit bulkier than most, but it comes with noise- and echo-canceling features for higher-end sound.

    The HyperX Cloud II comes with big earcups that will envelop your ears and keep you firmly immersed in the audio experience. HyperX is pitching its headset as suitable for game consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but you can also connect it to computers. The headset comes with a two-tier head area that allows for comfort regardless of your head size.