Sims medieval mac activation failed

What does it mean in The Sims forums? Time to highlight some awesim discussions! June community survey - Please, take a few minutes to share your feedback! Brody Posts: Member. I do NOT want to hear what you think Does anyone have them both and are able to Play Sims Medieval or did you have to buy sims medieval thorugh Steam to get it to work with Windows 10?

I am only asking because I am still on Windows 7, and looking to upgrade to Windows But I want to know if I should wait for another couple weeks to be able to purchase Sims Medieval on Steam Or if it would be okay to upgrade. Soooo Please, let me know asap Thanks! And keep in mind Mistix0 Posts: 1 New Member. May Yes you can play on win After the update first to win8 and then later to win10 , it wasn't possible to play the game with the cd anymore.

It was advised to reinstall the game through Origin you have to download and install Origin on your pc first. I did this yesterday and it worked :. WinMacSims3 Posts: 1, Member. The Sims Medieval will work on Windows 10 but you need to download the game from Origin. Only older versions of The Sims Medieval aren't compatible with Windows 8 through Windows 10 due to a copy protection. As of December , the updated version of the game fixes the compatibility problem so it can run on Windows but this added a side effect: you have to sign in to Origin to play The Sims Medieval similar to The Sims 4 and The Sims 3 1.

Also note that The Sims 2 shows the black rectangles, that's due to a glitch with the graphics card. The Sims 3 is the original version while The Sims 4 is the older version due to how the map looks. Sha Posts: 2, Member. Beware: questing takes its toll on your heroes, and their adventures will leave them bruised, battered, cursed, and otherwise changed. Be sure to build the right upgrades to get them back in shape for the next adventure. Tavern-based gameplay - After your heroes return from questing, decide how to divvy up the loot they've gathered on their adventures and how to invest it.

Do you generously lavish a large portion on your heroes to gain their favor, or do you keep the lion's share for your Tavern, in hopes of boosting its renown and increasing your power? Savvy decision-making will ensure success and secure your Tavern's place in history. Add to Cart. This breaks out of the combo in its current state, retaining whatever reputation bonus that may have accumulated.

Reputation bonus is now lost when the chain ends with an unhappy customer, timer expiration, or lack of nearby patrons. Various improvements to messaging and appearance, mostly in the combo resolution panel. The mid-combo counter UI now has an element that appears when two or more patrons have been served in a combo, displaying a running tally of the current reputation bonus - Party Supplies is now an expandable dictionary to allow for simple addition of new type. Recruit heroes, send them on quests, and reap the rewards! Build a legendary Tavern to attract Heroes from every corner of a dangerous and magical world.

By bringing together courageous parties and sending them off on dangerous and oftentimes crazy adventures, every decision you make will alter the destiny of your Epic Tavern! Player Choice : In Epic Tavern , every quest choice made and every adventurer befriended could unlock new quests, new alliances, or access to characters, items, and tavern building opportunities. The experience grows as you play - your choices will directly steer the fate of your intrepid adventurers!

Epic Tavern on Steam

The Tavernmaster : You and your tavern are at the center of a world full of danger, intrigue and unlimited adventure. Your every choice determines the future of your establishment, bringing heroes and stories together in fellowships that will become the stuff of legend. This is where friendships are made, and where great adventures are started.

In Epic Tavern , you build the destiny of your world, one drink at a time. Mages, warriors, assassins, and more will be at your disposal! Befriend them over drinks and learn their secrets. Between quests, take their experience, level them up, and influence the nature of their destiny. The World : You will send your new friends on quests to explore the land of Beor. These quests unfold into an epic storyline unique to your playthrough. Epic Tavern pushes the limits of a player-centric narrative and creates a brand new model of the classic RPG experience. The impact of your choices will inexorably change your adventurers and the World itself!

Attract Adventurers : Build a legendary Tavern that draws the greatest heroes in the world. Befriend your patrons by loosening them up with frothy pints and hire the Adventurers whose traits you desire. Unlock Quests : Perk up your ears and listen for whispers and rumors to find the opportunities you'd like your Adventurers to pursue.

Assemble your Party : Choose your heroes based on their skills and strengths.

Equip them with special weapons and relics, and then send them off to claim victory in their quests. Track their Progress : Follow your party on the map and see in detail how the quest is unfolding.

Re: The Sims Medieval won't activate on mac

Each encounter could yield treasure and XP, or tragedy and defeat. Sort Out the Results : Use what is earned to boost your Tavern's renown, level-up your victorious Heroes, and prepare for ever more treacherous quests. Not All Challenges are Overcome : Expect to meet failures on your path to glory. October i did as you suggested and the launcher still only half loaded? Screen Shot at 9. Message 71 of 3, Views. Reply 5. December Thank you so much!

You are amazing! Message 72 of 2, Views. Reply 0. January - last edited January Here are the links to the updated patches that work I've tested it myself.

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Message 73 of 8, Views. Reply 6. January where is that line?? Message 74 of 2, Views. Message 75 of 2, Views. January meowmeowx3 wrote: "I tried everything I've read here till I found a solution else where.

Can you play Sims Medieval through Origin on Windows 10?

Message 76 of 2, Views. Reply 1. Message 77 of 2, Views. February just bought sims 3 medieval and it doesn't work.

Message 78 of 2, Views. What does the error message say? Message 79 of 2, Views. Sims Medieval says "activation failed an internal error occurred on the server. Here are the messages it gives me when I open it:.