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We are sorry for any inconveniences you may be experiencing when using Adobe Digital Editions. Thanks for your understanding and patience. New Music. New DVDs. By Subject.

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Kids Story Time. Great Reads for Teens. Accessibility Services. Information and Reference Services. Featured Events. Adobe Digital Editions troubleshooting. Do you use Adobe Digital Editions? Troubleshooting Step 1. Try deauthorizing and reauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions In many cases, deauthorizing and reauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions, can resolve the issue. Here is how to deauthorize and reauthorize Adobe Digital Editions. Right-click on the title, click Remove from Library. A pop-up window will appear asking you if you want to erase computer authorization, you may need to enter the password you are using for your Adobe ID, or OverDrive Account, to complete the process.

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I just want to be able to resume my reading regardless of which of my devices I have nearest me. I deleted activation. The original file is missing. What can I do now? I need to re set activation count just going around in circle chatted to on line support When attempting to sync library book s , it sometimes says "reader for PC has stopped working" or syncing goes on long time but when open e-reader, new book s not downloaded or imported. What am I missing?! I initially downloaded to my computer which has been running slow.

However, I am unable to download any of the books. It says it is being used, which is confusing. I am trying to access an eScript on my iPhone. I have it on my iPad. I had reset my password and I keep getting an error message that the file is on another user. Adn then I tried to open it in Bluefire and it wants me to log on in the additional user. Please advise. I updated digital editions from 2. Now I cannot open a book I purchased. ACSM file. I get the following error message: Error getting License. How can I get my book back? I downloaded two. Error getting License.

License Server Communication Problem:. When I got a new computer I synced DE on the new one and the books I had was synced but not the bookshelves so now I had to manually make new bookshelves and put each book in the right bookshelf. Why is this?

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Most of the books were borrowed but expired books but I like to keep them so I can easily remember them if I want to re-read them childrens books are often re-read. The books also have lost their pictures that still existed on the old computer although they were expired. My kobo is repeatedly error messaging me that my books downloaded from the library are protected by DRM - I have been trying to import them in using ADE4.

I have spent over 8 hours on this issue and tried every suggestion in the Help forum, the most recent forum being dated from Adobe developers. I have a Kobo H2O. Is it time to upgrade my Kobo?

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Library books have never transferred over easily, so frankly I'm not sure if I want to go down the Kobo path again if this issue has not been fixed. This time despite my best efforts I absolutely cannot get it to work. Is there a local store we can the eReaders to so a technician can have a look? If due to some reason, you are unable to deauthorize ADE, follow the below steps Mac :. ADE will be deauthorized now. Now Authorize ADE again. So now I turn to the forums and hopefully Adobe-staff who can help me with or other helpful users who can shed light on the issues and possible solutions :.

I have gone to the following help page and it says to contact Adobe to get the activation count reset. Keep receiving the same message from Adobe DE: Licence server communication problem. It appears to be a particular book issue, since other books download OK. When I open the acsm file, it takes me to ADE. But nothing happens? Literally, nothing happens. The book does not show up, the screen doesn't change - it just has my empty library except for the instructions staring at me. The device is authorised, and I can do the exact same thing and get it on my phone and laptop.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, deactivated and reactivated, opened and closed the app, and nothing changes! I also tried downloading both the epub and pdf file. Can anyone help? Is it maybe possible to get my tablet listed as a device on my computer version of ADE, where I can drag and drop the book? I have a new laptop. I installed and authorized Adobe Digital Editions today. Why is this happening? I have de-authorized and re-authorized my computer multiple times. Got this error from trying to open an old eBook. I paid for the eBook.

Please can someone help ASAP! I used to be able to download digital files from Netgalley.

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I tried to de-authorize my account but it spins and spins and nothing happens. If I remove and re-install the app, I will lose all my titles which are no longer available. I am at the point of never selecting a book in the protected file format that takes me to ADE. I set up an account with Adobe Digital Editions and it won't let me authorize the computer. It says my user ID or password is wrong.

I have determined the correct user ID. How can I change my password? L'ho disinstallato e reinstallato Comment sortir de cette situation? Merci pour votre aide.

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Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content:. Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of Contact us about this article. No one can help me. Can someone help me out? Does browser matter?

I'm using Edge. The error message is still coming. Thank you for your help! Issue 2: To authorize it I had to create a brand new account as ADE wouldn't allow me to use my original account. And the main question then how can I fix it Thank you for your help. Thanks in advance for any tips.

I have now a new reader with a new app - bluefire. Using ADE 4. Thanks in advance if anyone can help. I am pretty sure others have similar problems; some have been discussed here many times. Thanks for your patience and possible suggestions. How to fix that? Thank you in advance.

I mean is it an open source library, that any one can use? Why don't the bookshelves synd although the books do? Why don't the pictures of the books sync although the books do? Hello This is a bit confusing and annoying. Anyone knows why this happens? Thank you. Sync seemed to only work on my iPhone and not my Mac some books were missing on my Mac; and books in my library started duplicating: I had 4 some, 2 of others, 1 of few and some missing. Please try after some time.

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Enter the correct combination and try again. Go to folder dialog will appear. Please try again. So I tried: Delete the registry key as described. Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions 4. Install Adobe Digital Editions 3. Run Digital Editions 3. This will deauthorise the computer. Uninstall 3. Install 4. I have tried changing password to my Adobe-account and still no luck. So now I turn to the forums and hopefully Adobe-staff who can help me with or other helpful users who can shed light on the issues and possible solutions : Deauthorizing all ADE devices associated with my AdobeID.