Saving word documents in folders on mac

These methods can also be applied to recover unsaved Excel files on your Mac. Step 2. Look for a folder labeled "Recovered items" and click into it to look for your unsaved Word file. If you cannot find it, try the next solution. Step 3. In it, right-click the desired unsaved Word files and "Open with Step 4.

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Unlike recovering unsaved Word document in Windows , the file recovery on Mac from the AutoRecovery folder is different. Select the one you want to recover, rename the file, then add the ". Click the File menu and select "Save As"'. Type a new name for the file into the Name field, select a folder for the file and click the "Save" button. After suffering from the fear of losing your Word documents, you must not want to experience this kind of situation again. Thus, it's necessary for you to know how to avoid losing your Word files.

Prospect of Word File Recovery on Mac

To avoid completely losing your files, you can:. Thus, the chances to save a Word Document that has never been saved before are slim. Knowing this should give you a hint that you should save the word document at least once whenever you create a new one. After you save your Word document, the AutoSave feature will begin to work. To minimize the loss of the progress on the file you are working, you can change the frequency of AutoSave:.

Check all the items under Save Options Recommended and change the interval of AutoSave, for example, from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes. If you follow the two tips above, you will substantially decrease the risk of losing your Word documents. What if you carelessly deleted your important Word files on your Mac? No worry. There is a free method to retrieve permanently deleted Word documents provided below. Even so, it's still a last-ditch effort to take after all the other methods have failed.

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Anyway, it's worth a try. You're strongly recommended to download its free version for the first attempt. It won't cost you a penny to search for your missing files. And since your problem is only for a few lost Word files, the 2GB recovery limit should be more than enough. Step 1. Select the location where your important Word documents were lost and click Scan button.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will start immediately a quick scan as well as a deep scan on your selected disk volume. Select Show Search Criteria :. When we looked at the search criteria earlier, the final option was Other. There are too many to list here, but you can include attributes like chat services, alpha channels, whether the file has a custom icon, photo exposure time, musical genre, creating organization, and more. You can also use the search bar to find attributes quickly.

To use one of these attributes, select it and click OK you can also check the In Menu box to make it display in the dropdown. These free apps will let you know. Read More? Disk images can pile up quickly if you install a lot of apps.

How to Convert a Mac Document to Word |

Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Read More! You can dig into the settings a bit more to get even more specific by limiting the device models.

Organize Your Mac Files and Folders, Part 1

Read More is a great way to keep you data organized. Using Smart Folders, you can get specific tag results. Try combining different tags, searching for specific file types that have a tag, or any other combination of attributes.

Changing Default Documents Folders in Mac OS X

The Created date attribute lets you select a time period with ease. When you hold down the Option key, the plus on the right side of the screen turns to three dots.

Getting Rid of iCloud Drive

Use that to create folders that contain the results of multiple smart searches. You can use this tactic to get all sorts of combinations of files. When macOS sees files that have the same filename, it appends a number in parentheses to them. Using a Boolean search to find files than have 1 , 2 , or 3 in the filename will help you find those duplicate files, no matter where they are. Check out our tutorial on smart group filters to find out how you can make smart contact lists, smart photo albums, and smart mailboxes.

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