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If it is not connected might show available , then highlight the MimioTeach and click Connect. This initiates the pairing process. A flashing green means that the USB hub is plugged in and recognizes the MimioTeach or Vote because it was connected to it before but mimiosys. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to Technical Support for additional troubleshooting.

For the most recent version of MimioStudio, we recommend going to our website to ensure you download and install the most up-to-date version available. MimioStudio can be found on our website and is available to download for free. The MimioTeach system has rare earth magnets built into the bar that will allow for attachment to any steel-backed whiteboard.

We also provide metal mounting brackets that will attach to the magnets on the MimioTeach bar and then use 3M adhesive strips to attach to the whiteboard. There are four holes on the back of the MimioTeach bar, two at the top and two at the bottom. Finally, there are optional security brackets available for purchase that will allow for a permanent mounting solution, removable with a supplied security screwdriver.

When the MimioTeach is running on battery power, the stylus will not charge. Please plug the Teach directly into the computer with the USB cable or use the provided USB adapter to plug into the wall and the stylus will charge. If the stylus still does not show a green LED, try rotating the stylus degrees while in the holder to see if contact is being made with the charge pin.

Also, try cleaning the contacts on the MimioTeach with a micro-fiber cloth to ensure that nothing is interfering with the charger contacts. We recommend charging the stylus overnight before using it for the first time and when not in use for maximum performance. Official testing has shown that on a single charge, the MimioTeach stylus battery will last approximately 11 continuous hours.

This means 11 straight hours of the tip being depressed. There are two things that will ensure the life of the battery is one of the longest on the market:. Please note that when the MimioTeach is running on battery power, the stylus will not charge. Official testing has shown that on a single charge, the stylus batteries will last approximately 11 continuous hours. After a minute of the tip being depressed, there is an automatic shutoff, so the signal will stop being transmitted. Most use cases of the stylus show that it is used at very short intervals in the length of seconds.

Therefore, the actual use time it would take for the battery to deplete entirely is pushed to the hundreds of hours. Effectively, the stylus battery power should never fully deplete—but if it does, a five-minute charge will provide up to 30 minutes of use. The styli and eraser will recharge completely in their tray in about three hours. Yes, you can order replacement pen tips. The stylus is made of solid Teflon with a replaceable tip to ensure ultra-smooth action on all board or screen surfaces. Verify the device mounting style by clicking Tools and selecting Settings from the Mimio Notebook.

The MimioTeach system provides the technology to control the computer from the whiteboard. We recommend brightness between 1,—2, lumens.

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Minimum recommended resolution is XGA. AC power is only required for Mimio wireless if battery power is not preferred. When connected to a computer via USB cable, the device is powered by the computer through USB and does not require external power. The batteries have been tested to last for some 9 to 20 hours of continuous use, depending on the type of batteries used. Mimio recommends using either rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries. While lithium batteries are one-time use and expensive, they will give you the longest use time.

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However, rechargeable batteries will provide multiple uses and ample time to be used, for multiple days in a row. Remember, the MimioTeach system will go to a low power state after 30 minutes of inactivity. Lengths beyond that have not been tested, though using as many powered hubs as you want could provide a longer range again, not approved by Mimio. The MimioTeach system can easily be set up by one person, with no installation required. You simply unpack the unit, install the software, mount the bar magnetically to the whiteboard to the left of the projected image, and connect via your desired connection.

No mounting hardware, drilling, wiring, or technicians are required. No, our system does not use Bluetooth. It is a dedicated 2. For left mouse click, touch the projected area with the tip of the stylus twice. You can reconfigure both buttons on the stylus. Please note that once you reconfigure them, the default will be reset and the buttons will no longer retain the original functions of Right Click and MimioStudio tools.

MimioTeach technology combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, the power of a computer, and front projection to engage students with vivid images, video, and audio. You get a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines color, motion, and interactivity. It also allows you to display your computer desktop and lets you interact with PC applications and navigate websites. The MimioCapture system lets you save dry-erase marker notes to a connected computer. The MimioTeach device captures and converts the dry-erase marker notes into digital files that can be stored on the PC.

When you have both the MimioTeach system and the MimioCapture system, you can use any size ordinary whiteboard as either an electronic whiteboard without a projector or as an interactive whiteboard with a projector. The MimioTeach system takes advantage of new tracking technologies. Its new and updated tracking algorithms and hardware work dependably in any environment, and there is no lag time when using the stylus. The MimioTeach bar is streamlined, the button selection is simplified, and the stylus is now rechargeable. Wireless is standard with the product, with the additional choice of either USB or wall power connection.

Those features have now been moved to the new MimioCapture tray, enhancing the clean look of the MimioTeach bar. The main benefit of USB-C is that it is reversible—there is no top-versus-bottom. Many others can be found online or at most local computer stores. Click on the Ink Capture icon on left and select Settings. The Environmental Analysis tests for infrared and ultrasound interference in the room. Select Test. If either test fails, there may be interference. There are two generations of Mimio wireless. Each has a different form factor for the wireless USB receiver, also referred to as the wireless dongle.

The latest Mimio wireless has a wireless receiver with a flash drive form factor, while the first generation Mimio wireless used a small black box for a wireless receiver that connected to the computer with a short mini-B USB cable. NOTE: The wireless components from the first generation Mimio wireless are not compatible with the components from the 2nd generation Mimio wireless. Click here for more information. The top LED has a radio tower icon next to it—this is the wireless link status indicator, and it should be solid green indicating a wireless link with the receiver.

If the link status LED is flashing or amber, there is no connection with the wireless receiver and it may require re-pairing. The bottom LED has a pen icon next to it, which is the pen activity indicator. When a wireless link is established, this LED will flash when in an idle state; it will turn solid green when a Mimio stylus is in use. This LED will not light up. The updated version of MimioStudio software is compatible, so your Xi will work with the new MimioClassroom interactive devices, and you can also use the original Mimio Capture and MimioPad devices. If you are interested in the great new features of our MimioView document camera and MimioVote assessment system, consider upgrading to the latest version of MimioStudio software, which provides integration and complete ease of use with these new MimioClassroom products.

A running virus scanner could be blocking a certain portion of the application, causing it to configure the Mimio USB device driver. If possible, try disabling your anti-virus program while installing the Mimio software and to configure the Mimio USB device driver. This indicates an internal failure which requires warranty repair service. Please contact Mimio Technical Support for further directions.

When using Mimio Xi on a board in a location where it will not remain for more than a day, the Xi capture bar can be attached using the suction cups. When attaching Xi using suction cups, make sure the board and suction cups are clean wipe with tissue and clean the suction cups only with water or alcohol—NEVER use solvent cleaners on the suction cups. When cleaning the upper left hand corner of the board, also make sure there are no scratches or surface irregularities that would prevent a secure attachment. NOTE: After attaching Xi with suction cups, make sure that both the top and bottom sets of cups have fastened properly by applying some lateral force left, right, up, and down parallel to the board surface.

If the suction cups loosen when doing this, re-clean and re-attach. If your Xi will be used frequently on a particular board or if you wish to use Xi on any board for an extended period of time days or more , it is highly recommended to use the mounting brackets, of which one pair is supplied with your Xi.

Press the bar with the clips onto the upper left corner of the whiteboard in vertical orientation for landscape-oriented boards or horizontally for portrait-oriented boards. The clips will remain in place, but the bar can be easily clipped in and out of the brackets and will remain precisely positioned as long as desired. This fixed positioning can be particularly useful when your Xi is used with the MimioMouse interactive whiteboard feature and a fixed position projector since it permits calibration to be retained and eliminates the need for recalibration each time Mimio Xi is used.

Four new AA batteries will provide approximately 40 hours of usage. The Mimio Xi can hold approximately 8—10 hours of meeting notes, depending on how much has been written in that time period. The memory LED will change color to indicate when the memory is filling up. The indicator colors are as follows:.

Verify that the ultrasound sensor is functioning correctly. Click here for information on checking for a failed ultrasound sensor. The hardware and software both support two MimioVotes being chained together to form a unit MimioVote. One set will be numbered 1—32 and the other will be 33— This is normal. To correct the display, place the handset in the MimioVote tray and the correct ID will be assigned to the handset.

If a MimioVote handset shows EE with no other symbols click here for an example , it means:. Each student must have at least a first or last name assigned to them in order to be imported. Whether or not we use all the columns, the header must contain all of the fields. Microsoft Office applications can disable add-ins that behave unexpectedly while they are being loaded. If an application does not load your add-in, the application might have hard disabled or soft disabled it.

We are aware of these issues and continue to work with Microsoft to gain compatibility again for newer versions. To re-enable an add-in that has been hard disabled by PowerPoint , please do the following:. While holding down on the left mouse button, drag the Com Add-Ins icon up to the toolbar in PowerPoint.

The MimioVote system requires the MimioHub wireless receiver, which comes standard with the system. The receiver integrates automatically with the MimioVote system, allowing it to send data instantly to your computer. The remote has a range of up to 9 m 30 ft. Try to isolate the issue to the specific handset by making sure that another Vote handset placed in the same spot is working correctly. If another Vote handset is working correctly on that same spot, then we have isolated the issue to the specific handset. Next, unscrew the Vote handset and check to see if the battery has become loose.

If the battery is in place and the handset still has a blinking backlight, then contact Technical Support to inquire about an RMA. The life of the replaceable batteries is typically 3 years. A full charge of a unit that has lost all power due to being left out of the charging tray for a long time takes about 10 to 12 hours. Teachers can easily recharge the units in their tray overnight. There is a limit of questions on the MimioVote handsets. The MimioStudio software will still run on the extra questions, but Gradebook will only capture the first responses. Radio frequency technology offers a major advantage over infrared frequency as it does not require that there be a line of sight between the remote and the MimioTeach device.

There are other benefits as well, including:. Other wireless devices, such as microwave ovens or wireless routers, do not normally interfere with the MimioVote response system, but it is possible. MimioStudio software has the ability to choose a different channel whenever it detects channel interference. However, this is an automatic feature and there is no way to manually change this within the software. You can import or create as many classes as you want in Gradebook. Once you have created a class, you can add students to the class by manually entering all student names and information, or you can import a list of students.

Students can use the forward or backward buttons in a self-paced exam to see what response they entered on the handheld LCD display prior to submitting the entire test. The MimioTeach system detects one pen signal at a time, so the first MimioCapture pen to touch the board is the one that is considered active. The MimioCapture system is all about speed and convenience.

The pens and eraser recharge quickly in a lightweight storage tray that adheres to any magnetic whiteboard. The instant you touch a pen to the whiteboard, MimioTeach tracks whatever you write, draw, or erase in red, blue, green, or black. You can use the MimioTeach stylus in conjunction with dry erase markers because the system switches dynamically back and forth between them. Saving your whiteboard notes helps you build a library of valuable content, and everything is easily integrated with existing lesson plans from the Mimio Gallery.

And by saving your daily work, you can distribute the files to students later. The new MimioCapture pens have a double seal in the cover cap. When placing the cap over the marker, you may only hear one click—the single click means that the cap is not completely tight. There is a possibility that without placing the cap on tightly which will result in two clicks may cause the Expo marker to dry out while not in use. To make sure the cover cap is completely pressed in, use two hands and press inwards in both directions to ensure the cap is closed tightly. In addition, when the markers are not in use daily, it is recommended to remove the markers from the MimioCapture pen casing and use the original marker cap to prevent the markers from drying out.

What do I do? By default, the auto-calibration built into MimioStudio will use the screen that is set as the main display. If you want to calibrate the extended display, you will need to set the projector as the main display and the PC as the secondary display.

It should auto-calibrate the projected image. After the calibration, switch it back so the PC is the main display and the projected image is the secondary display. You should still be able to use touch on the extended display. The USB specification limits the length of a cable run to 5 meters Click here to access the MimioProjector Arm guide instructions. Do not clean the mirror with anything but a soft microfiber cloth, such as a cloth used for cleaning eye glasses. If absolutely necessary a small amount of isopropyl alcohol can also be used.

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Click here to be taken to the MimioProjector User Guide. Prior to the projector VGA cable connecting to the Mac, you will see a display window similar to the figure below: While you are still in the Display menu and the VGA cable is connected from the PC to the projector, you will see a display similar to the figure below: Check under the Color tab to see which display profile is selected. If you cycle down, you may have a selection available for VGA. It does not include optical zoom. However, the camera head is on a flexible gooseneck, which can be manually adjusted to provide up to 5.

Additionally, up to 16x digital zoom is provided by MimioStudio software. The MimioView camera lets you capture and instantly share live video and images of dimensional objects and flat documents. Fully integrated with MimioStudio software, the camera uses the menus and toolbar to access useful editing and storage features such as copy, cut, freeze, highlight, rotate, save, and video markup. Your images are easily incorporated into any lesson or used with other MimioClassroom tools such as the MimioVote system.

The auto focus button ensures high-quality focus in true-to-life color. The freeze button toggles between still shots and live video, while auto tune refocuses the lens and color balance. The view button turns on the camera and lamps. No separate driver is required. Users should be updated automatically to this patch upon a restart or powering on of the computer. If auto-updates have been turned off, you can manually update through the Update feature in Windows—directions are included below.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically once found.

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We have tested it with Skype and it works flawlessly with no additional set up. This is a wonderful feature—you can now have a document camera in one room, either in the same building or across the globe, and students can tune in and see what is happening either in a class or an experiment under the camera, all with our hardware! Just go to www. Follow the steps outlined below to change your camera to MimioView:.

Download the latest version of the MimioStudio, which does not require a serial number to install or activate the software. All that is required is a Mimio device connection to your computer with the USB cord to activate the MimioStudio software.

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To activate MimioStudio and MimioMobile after receiving an activation code, follow the steps below:. There are several requirements to ensure reliable connectivity between the application and MimioStudio:. There are no problems communicating between different subnets. The MimioMobile App sends and receives using the same port. Yes—MimioStudio Select any MimioPad device and right-click on the device—you will see the option to make that MimioPad a Student or Teacher device. This image shows the correct setting to make MimioMobile work with Parallels.

This allows the Windows host to connect to the same subnet network as the Mac OS. The MimioMobile app can be found in the iTunes store and Google Play Store, and can be downloaded at no cost to as many devices as desired. To utilize the MimioMobile app on a device in the classroom, MimioStudio 11 must be installed and the MimioMobile license for the classroom must be purchased and activated. Therefore, every student with a compatible device can interact with the lesson displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

Each classroom will need to purchase their own license or a school-wide license to utilize the MimioMobile app in multiple classrooms. Please click here to open a PDF with the pairing instructions.

When you add the MimioPad wireless tablet to your MimioTeach system, you and your students can collaborate on whiteboard lessons from up to 30 meters feet from the classroom computer. The MimioPad tablet works with a rechargeable pen stylus and MimioStudio software. You can access the most common operations of MimioStudio software from custom-tailored shortcut keys on the tablet.

Up to 50 MimioPad tablets can connect to one computer, so students can participate without leaving their seats. The MimioPad tablet allows for effective student engagement during a lesson and is especially useful with kinesthetic learners students who learn by touch. With the MimioPad tablet, teachers have built-in classroom management and can freely move around the classroom. This is a low battery indicator.

Replacing the stylus battery should fix this issue. The stylus uses one AAA battery. The battery lasts for up to 16 hours of continuous use. It takes up to 2 hours to recharge the MimioPad. The MimioPad only works on the primary monitor. You can change your second monitor to be the primary monitor if you want to use the MimioPad on the projected screen. As of right now, only the new MimioPad will work fully with Windows 8 and above. The older MimioPad 1st Generation is not completely compatible with Windows 8. The user will only have mouse functionality.

The MimioPad 1st Generation can be used by a student, but they will have full control as a teacher. If changing the size of the image does not resolve your calibration issues, you can manually calibrate the MimioBoard Touch:. Click on all of the required points and your device should now be calibrated. If you are still having issues with the image size or calibration after going through the above steps, contact customercare boxlight.

The MimioClassroom family of products is our most highly integrated and easiest-to-use line of interactive teaching technology devices and software. The MimioClassroom concept was purpose-built, tailored specifically to the needs of teachers and created to allow teachers to simply teach. Devices include the MimioTeach interactive system, the MimioVote assessment system, the MimioCapture ink recording system, the MimioView document camera, and the MimioPad wireless tablet. Powerful MimioStudio software is the brains behind MimioClassroom products.

Each product offers powerful advantages when used alone, but all work seamlessly together, complementing one another when used in combination. With absolute ease of use and intuitive features, MimioClassroom products let teachers focus on teaching, with no worries about mastering difficult technology. Support programs include a comprehensive lineup of training choices—many for free, and others for a nominal fee. We have flexible online programs that allow you to learn at your own pace, as well as in-person programs with other Mimio users.

An additional resource is the MimioConnect online community of avid Mimio educators, where you can learn something new every day and share your own knowledge. We have seen success with customers using the steps provided below to better the interaction and input of interactive devices when using the Chrome browser. Then scroll down until you find these two settings:.

Try adjusting your screen resolution to this size and see if the issue persists. If the calibration is still off after following these steps, you can calibrate using the Control Panel Windows or the TouchScreen program Mac. If you are still having issues with the image size or calibration after going through the above steps, please contact customercare boxlight. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognizing you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

You can find out more about the cookies used on this website by reviewing our Privacy Policy. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again.

This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. FAQS Looking for answers? Enter your question:. MimioStudio Software. How large can the interactive area be on the whiteboard?

Category: MimioStudio Software. Tags: display size , MimioStudio , software. I am seeing the error below come up when I try to download the new 11 software. I am unable to view the mp4 videos that are in an INK file. Tags: codecs , MimioStudio , mp4 , playback , software. Supports class lists. Provides integrated attendance support.

Lets you manually edit results. Supports student, subject, and test information. I already have Flash installed. Tags: Adobe , Flash , MimioStudio , software. What is the difference between the MimioTeach system and the MimioCapture system? Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

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Tags: MimioStudio , software. Tags: Admin Rights , installing , MimioStudio , software. Why do I receive an error when installing MimioStudio Tags: Fedora , install issue , Linux , MimioStudio , software. Open Mimio Notebook. The settings on the right-hand side have an option for Surface Size. You can select a predetermined surface size, add values for a custom size, or select to auto size. It is also important to verify the Device Mounting Xi only matches how the Mimio device is physically positioned on the whiteboard. Select the proper orientation from the pull-down menu so that it matches where the device is positioned on the whiteboard.

Which operating systems are compatible with MimioStudio 11? Which Mimio products are compatible with MimioStudio 11 software? A line appears between where I lift my pen and where I place it back down. What is going on? Ensure the stylus pen is not sticking check that it does not still buzz when lifted off the writing surface. If available, try using the stylus pen with a different Mimio device to verify if the problem follows the pen or goes away when a new Mimio device is used. If the problem follows the pen, a warranty RMA is required to replace the stylus pen.

If the problem is unique to a specific Mimio device, a warranty RMA is required to repair the Mimio device. Can the iPad or other tablets be used with Mimio? Make sure that the video is not opened in another application. There are two options that will fix this: Plug in a microphone. Tags: MimioStudio , recorder , software. My Lessons are missing from my Gallery. I still see Images, Templates, and Multimedia, but not Lessons. Tags: Gallery , MimioStudio , software. I use both PC and Mac. Can the same Mimio hardware be used on both? Is there software for each platform?

Yes, there is different software for each platform that can be downloaded from the Support tab of the website. Files can also be saved in the following formats: MimioStudio. How can I use the MimioStudio Tools with an extended desktop? Tags: extended desktop , MimioStudio , software. Can Mimio software record writing as a movie with audio? Yes, Mimio software allows the capture of real time screen activity using the Recorder feature. If you have a single license free, advantage or premium , contact i3 Support. Each presentation has a delete button trash can icon.

Click the button and confirm to remove the presentation. Did you check the correct e-mail address? The email address you used to register? If you are sure, please contact our service desk service i3-distribution. Free, advantage, premium, site. If you have closed the procedure during your registration process e. On the payment page you can use the activation mail again, you will receive a message that the email address is already in use.

Did you use the correct email address? Have you already tried to renew your password? Have you received an email with an activation link? Are you sure that you used the same email you registered with? Do you have a single user license free, advantage or premium? It takes longer than a minute?

Try the following steps Do you use Google Chrome? There are special rates for teachers educational institutions. Any institution or person that can be identified as educational, can benefit from education pricing. Ask your reseller for your discount! A site is defined as a single school with 35 teachers in one location, which grats the right to a substantial volume discount.

Please contact your i3 authorized reseller or distributor for more information on pricing. The administrator in your old school can unlink your account through the Administrator module. Your account will be converted to a Free account, unable to access personally stored files.

Your lessons will be accessible again. While the functionality of i3LEARNHUB is very suited to teaching as well as local and remote meeting and note taking, the library is geared towards education. EPP is a very lightweight material and fairly resistant to damage, but it is recommended to avoid using sharp objects. EPP is moisture resistant and offers a good resistance to high temperatures.

In addition, the material is recyclable and has a low emission manufacturing process. The cubes can support heavy weight, so feel free to stand on the cubes with two or more students. The weight is approximately 1,8 kg. Its size and limited weight make it easy to move. There are plenty of activities cfr. A projector or computer can be used as well.

What is iMO-Connect? You can download it for free on our website. After installing the iMO Connect software, plug the Bluetooth dongle into your computer and connect the modules. Do I need to install a specific driver to use the Bluetooth dongle? No, installing the iMO-Connect software also includes the Bluetooth driver.

What is the maximum range between the Bluetooth dongle and the MDM? Depending on the environment. That means that if you have a lot of interference from other devices, the range is not that good. In ideal circumstances the range is about 30 meter. What are the system requirements for the iMO-Connect software? Windows 7. There are now specific hardware requirements. Note that Windows updates can affect the driver installation which could result in connection issues. Reinstalling the iMO-Connect software will solve the connection issue.

What is the battery life of the MDM? A fully charged battery can be used for at least 36 hours. The MDM is equipped with a low-energy battery. How do I charge the MDM? Connect this to your computer or a USB charging station to charge. How long does it take to charge the MDM? When the battery is entirely deflated it takes about 90 minutes to get fully charged again. During normal usage it takes about minutes to charge the battery of the MDM. Do I get an indication of the charge status of the MDM battery?

During the charging process the battery indication LED will be red. When fully charged it will turn to green. Start Smart Notebook from the desktop.

Click on the icon that looks like a little blue screen with arrows pointing to the 4 corners — this will give you the largest possible writing surface and a little icon tray on the lower left for navigation. In the icon tray on the lower left click on the double sided horizontal arrows to give you the page plus tool you will need. Use the markers from the tray or your finger to write on the board When you need to go to a new blank board, click on the icon in the lower left that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign on it.

To go back to a previous screen, click on the left arrow. To go forward to the next screen, click on the right arrow. When you are finished with the class, click on the little blue screen icon again to get back to full Smart Notebook mode. Export it as a.

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Right click on the little blue square with the white circle in it that is at the lower right hand side of the bottom of your screen. Choose Hide Floating Tools. Once you have received the license key: Go to the smarttech. Follow the instructions: It will tell you that this is a Trial Version good for only 90 days. Install it anyway Accept the license Agreement Install into the default folder Do not click on any extra products, install just Smart Notebook and Smart Product Drivers On the Startup Options tab, you will want to Unclick Smart Board Tools if you do not wish for these to show every time you reboot your computer.

Unclick Enable the Customer Service Experience. Unclick the Galleries if you will not use them. They are very large and take a long long time to install. Do not add in any languages if you will only need English.