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Broke CAW, but that has since been addressed with a new version of Patch 1.

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For more details, see the EA forums. Prevents CC Magic from being able to launch the game but it can still be used to install custom content.

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Necessitates an update to all Core Mods such as ErrorTrap or else you will get the core version mismatch error on startup. See the list below. There was a newly updated version but it remained flawed. Update: Check the newest version if you still want this tool, Zoxell has been working on it and this one looks promising. The NRaas official recommendation is to remain on patch 1.

For those who have already patched up and can't go back or are just re installing digitally now and have no choice, keep in mind the following requirements for any core mods you have installed: Patch 1. If the core mods are not updated, the player may see a core version mismatch warning on startup. Additionally, quite a few players have found, that instead of or in addition to getting the warning dialog, their game minimizes to the task bar.

We're not sure why or under which combination of circumstances this happens. Best practice to avoid these or other compatibility issues, is to make sure your core mods are updated. The good news, if this is an issue, is that there are only six core mods in common usage. The other hundreds thousands?

Future versions of ErrorTrap will be released for both Patch 1. NRaas UntranslatedKey - No update available but this mod is generally for developers' use. AwesomeMod - A general update was released to auto-detect and provide Patch 1. Note: Once Patch 1. There are, however, three ways to install or 'revert back' to Patch 1. Then reinstall all EPs and SPs from discs only.

Uninstall everything and switch to Steam installs. This patch basically does nothing, so the updates were quick. Also a Tool to level a area in the World to be able to place a Large lot, because in some worlds there are not a lot of space for Large Lots.. Because of a Hill or part of a mountain being in the Way.. Thank you. That mod is invaluable. I use it all the time. It seems like such common sense especially since they are always having weird rabbithole sizes. This is hilarious and stupid at the same time. I wont let another useless MB to sit and occupy space on my machine but it seems like I would be forced to have this if another great item or world will be released by the store that would require the update.

You hit it on the head. More obviously now than ever.

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With constantly adding more and more ways to remind us about micro-transactions in-game, it feels more and more to me like TS3 is a free-to-play game. Only TS3 is actually really, really expensive. I guess EA thinks of it as a feature. The sims 3 has used up all my drive space. I uninstalled ITF. So it could update. I keep getting this when I try to open my launcher, this is since the update no idea what the heck is happening.

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Fortunately, this is true. Some very talented, kind people have taken up the slack with Nraas. I never understood the updating thing, very very poor game development. Is it safe to put it in my game? I just downloaded Patch 1. I keep getting this message and the patch shuts down. Anybody else experience this problem. If so, were you able to do anything to fix it?

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Thanks for any help anyone can provide. It keeps stopping midway.

Sims3 Mac OS Unknown Error Fix for Multiple Expansions Packs

I keep getting the same message too… did you ever find out what is the problem. I have had the exact same problem… any fix for this yet? When activating moviemakercheatsenabled true then trying to make an inactive npc active the game crashed. This seriously is ridiculous. Wow EA. I simply cannot believe you. I updated to 1. Has anyone got a solution?

Change the game language in The Sims 4 [SIMPLEST SOLUTIONS]

Ugh, so I made the horrid mistake of updating to 1. I have been through the steps of testing CC, deleting caches, etc.

I love this game but hate EA. Can anyone help me? I only play sims3 start last week Im new. It will have the same number as your version. You could update your version to get more mods. TS3 people are getting crappy.

//Outdated-Not Working//How To Install Sims 3 + Expansions On Mac Installation Tutorial !

When it first came out I never had to install origin! Anyway, started with a new disk, new laptop ruddy w8 coz mum wont let me have a used w7 one. Installed generations no problem from origin. Supernatural was fine through disk. Now I want university, installed through origin, and had to manually update, uninstall everything, reinstall base game, which works perfectly with and without patch.

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Just wondering now if its the game or the university expansion. Please help. I agreed but when I tried opening the launcher it would even open.