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I can already confirm that all of the mentioned tools work seamlessly at least with Tower , our own Git client.

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If you don't need the power of a dedicated Diff tool application, the integrated diff views in Tower might be absolutely sufficient for you:. Try it 30 days for free!

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But a good one can be really helpful in a lot of situations. Try one of the above and see for yourself!

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FileMerge Being part of its developer toolset, Apple's own merge tool comes at no additional costs. Beyond Compare Originally a product for Microsoft Windows, the Beyond Compare team has contributed a fine diff tool to the Mac platform.

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It's free! Download Now for Free.

We make Tower …the best Git client for Mac and Windows. Cheat Sheets.

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I have read and accept the Privacy Policy. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Well, Mac OS X comes with a utility tool called opendiff. However, it assumes that you should have Xcode installed as it provides FileMerge feature.

How to Use diff to Compare Two Files at Mac Command Line

The FileMerge is responsible for comparing, differentiating and merging any text document. To get more help, you can check the OpenDiff manual using man opendiff command on the terminal. We all know the importance of Git. However, you can enhance it more by making opendiff tool as default git difftool. The adventure has not yet ended. Alongwith above customization, you can set it as your default merge tool.