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Any suggestion, like this not work. You're correct, it reads only from the memory card and it deletes the files there after grouping them, so better have a backup! If you load the. Your method works well, including for timelapses, the only problem is having to extract the GPS data individually, which is rather painful, at 60x per hour!

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Had you looked at other dashcams yourself? Thanks again for sharing your experience!

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Last edited: Apr 15, Or somebody in this forum know how to build a tool to extract gpx. It does seem like a very remote possibility since GDV hasn't been updated since apparently! I will Google for the tool you mention, thanks for the hint. Thanks, yes I found it after my post, as you say, not really user friendly ;- I also found a shareware app for the Nuvicam posted on this forum that apparently tries to do some OCR on the video files but it takes ages and doesn't seem to work.

The files can be imported fine in Registrator Viewer.

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So no fancy POI, Alerts, Travelapse but a turnkey dashcam that produces nice pictures, what more could you want? Glenstr New Member. I'm interested in this, I just contacted Garmin via their support chat as they seem to have no email address you can write to to inquire about concerns. Garmins link to their dash cam player software is dead, they have no dash cam forums in their forums section and their proprietary method of embedding gps data prevents developers like earthshinesoftware from making their product compatible with Garmin dash cams.

Thanks for the update, I'm afraid you shouldn't hold your breath though, Garmin have obviously zero interest in updating their Dashcam software, last time was Their dashcam software isn't even available any more, let alone updating it. I let the rep know that this is unacceptable etc. Going to start tagging them in social media posts as well about their shortcomings, if they get enough negative press about this then perhaps they'll be pushed into doing something about it..

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    Chat with our product specialists for options. Compact yet high-performance, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 P In-Car Camera provides sharp and detailed footage without using too much space inside your car. Footage from a dash cam provides irrefutable proof of fault in the event of an accident, and our pick is the Garmin Dash Cam We judge them by their ease of installation, storage capacity, video quality, and features.

    There are cooler, more feature-rich dash cams on the market, and there are cheaper ones, but the Garmin 55 is the jack of all trades. Why should you buy this? It boasts a robust set of features that actually work as intended.

    Garmin Dash Cam 20 Review

    Why we picked the Garmin Dash Cam 55 :. In a crowded market, it takes more than just being good — and the unique attributes of the Dash Cam 55 give it an edge. At p HD resolution and 30 frames per second, the Dash Cam 55 shoots in stunning quality during the day and respectable quality at night.

    Like some other dash cams on the market, the Dash Cam 55 offers innovative driver aids, but unlike other cameras, its alerts are often relevant instead of driving you nuts with false alarms. And, thanks to a slew of voice-activated functions, it lets drivers focus on the road ahead. Also, the nifty Travelapse feature makes cool time-lapse videos that can easily be shared via the app.

    The Garmin Dash Cam 55 looks great, feels sturdy, and has better features than competitors costing far more. Read our full Garmin Dash Cam 55 review. Fortunately, the Mobius ActionCam allows drivers to protect themselves without going broke. The ActionCam offers more than just a low price tag.

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    This little guy also boasts p video recording at 30 frames per second, and it automatically overwrites previous footage when the memory card reaches its capacity. Finally, the lack of an accelerometer and a G-sensor means accident footage may appear chaotic compared to stabilized cameras that cost more. You want front and rear video surveillance for maximum safety. One of the latest innovations in the world of dash cams is the addition of a second, rear-facing camera lens to monitor activity in and around the cabin of your vehicle.

    The Owl has room for up to 24 hours of video in its internal storage.

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    Older clips are erased after the storage is full, but voice command technology lets the driver can save specific moments while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. It keeps your car safe, too. When you park, the Owl watches for motion and sends an alert to your phone when someone approaches or tries to enter your car. As an intruder approaches, they see the flashing green LED on the top of the camera begin to flash brighter to let them know they are being tracked. Once you receive an alert of a break-in or motion from the camera, you can open the app to see a live view of the interior and exterior.

    While watching the video, you can turn on a bright, white LED on the display screen, and even enable a two-way speaker to talk to the intruder. Read our full Owl Car Cam review. It automatically overwrites older files, though users who would rather download their footage can turn the loop function off.