Booting from usb mac g5

Mate also.

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I mean, come one - does nobody care about old PPC Macs anymore? Does nobody test this, before putting it up to DL?

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On what PPC machines do you test? The kernel will boot on my two iMacs and I can run live CD and install from there. It sounds like the kernel will not boot on your hardware. Does anybody care about PPC Macs anymore? Not really, or rather the numbers are getting fewer and fewer. Buying old PPC stuff is foolish that was your first mistake , especially if you want to run linux and expect it to work problem free. But, linux is a great option if you have existing equipment. It is down to you to test the daily builds to ensure they work on your machine. I mean, come on… Mate on G3?

I tried this on my ibook for about an hour or more and did not get it to boot from the USB stick - I think on the PM it will be the same. I do not think, buying some cheap PPC Mac stuff was a mistake - it was for nostalgic reasons and for fun. Like I mentioned, I installed OSX I agree, Linux is a great Option and thank you for the hints! I tested So Oh and booting from a regular USB pendrive on an iBook is incredibly easy. However, the 1. If not, well…. This is one of the tuts. I DL Mate via this torrent from this website - so maybe it is not a 64bit Client or something?

How to boot your mac from a USB bootable device

This could explain, why the G5 not boot that DVD? I looked around the net, but seems, there is no seperate 64bit. There was no for I think I give up on this, because in the meantime I read about security-issues with Guess If using TenFourFox on old osx, it should be not much of a difference to using Firefox on Mate - any other thoughts? Can mac and PC interact with fire wire? We for starters Lion I think you'll need to just bite the bullet here and get a real copy of the retail copy of the Leopard Show 2 more comments.

Its not Icloud, booted to password screen like a login. I couldn't do anything that was suggested, I already reformatted.

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Forgot the gpt partition, waiting on that now. I dont have install disc, original or otherwise. I have osx lion on a flash drive, used transmac, this is notable and gpt. I will update when I finish the install. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Robert Hancock mysterp Rep: 11 2. I know there are no BIOS. If cleaning HDD doesn't work what am I missing?

View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 0. I had one before Apple switched to Intel.

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Was this answer helpful? Most Helpful Answer. Score 2. You are using to much PC lingo for me.

Revive a PowerPC Mac Running Linux - The Mac Observer

The drive need to be formatted Apple Partition Map. Install system Score This is not an Intel Processor and your whole answer is incorrect. Actual i do believe this is an Intel processor. To answer everyone.